Influenced by dance, my personal project starts looking for ways to abstract the essence of the movement. In this investigation in which I make use of different process, the human body always is the protagonist: object which refusing of reason, container of perceptions and celebration of the meat.

Previously, I have done an exploration about the most primitive levels of human, linked directly with the perceptual sphere and corporeal matter. I understand the body as a hybrid zone that becomes more complex, that it is able to pass through different types of changes and transformations.

I am concerned about the current situation in which is more and more invisible the visible, in which we choose the dreamy comfort when it is time to action. My inquisitiveness is based on a system that makes use of the mass media to anaesthetize and educate. I worry about the vulnerability of the people against this control weapon that makes use of its veracity even when its condition is the fiction.

Unlike but not far from the speeches that are centralized on the alignment of the collective thought, my recent work are based on a homogeneous, transformed and configured body that is victim of the social automatisms.

I believe it is vital use the same persuasion tools than those who impose a constant barrage of frozen stimulus. Therefore, as well as the central axis of my project is the photography, I have fe in the body speech and action as shapers of thoughts.